About Radio 1584

Radio 1584 is a community radio station found on the am/mw frequency. We are also available via live streaming through our webpage www.radio1584.co.za. Radio 1584 uphold the ethos of Islamic principles while embracing all faiths on the radio.

Our programme content is varied and caters for everyone's taste. Currently Radio 1584 is conducting a mentorship programme, where interested members of the community who are interested in broadcast journalism can contact us to be trained. Currently there are 5 people in our mentorship programme.

Radio 1584 covers a radius of 35+km on our current frequency. Our age group in terms of listenership and tastes varies.

Our motto is educate, entertain and enlighten and we endeavor to do just that.Day to day running of the station is handled by Station Management, which lies in the hands of the station manager, assisted by an administrator/finance manager. Reporting to them are the heads of department for Programming, News, Technical and Marketing. The HOD’s have several staff members who operate under their direction.

The community is highly urbanised. Despite there being a fair level of affluence and development in this community, the majority of the Radio 1584 listeners is predominantly from a working class backgrounds. The radio station’s programming is tailored to meet the needs of the Muslim religion and to cater for this diverse community that converges on religion and culture.